ZukaakuZ shows up in Mysterykid's drawings as an orange leaf and was previously an orb of energy that was stuck inside Haytron. The orb of energy was removed from Haytron by someone in KGF which created ZukaakuZ. ZukaakuZ is known to be the one who created Autumn Twilight, the place where the drawing "Ascension" occurred.

ZukaakuZ was initially created as an orb of energy when Dignity shattered Zuka. Previously when Haytron still had the orb inside himself, he accidentally used its power to fire script wield and kill another ROBLOX player on accident, the event can be seen in the drawing Haytron.

ZukaakuZ is currently deceased, as he faded with the other pieces of Zukember upon overexerting himself killing X.

As of 2018/07/20, Zukember and their respective components have been revived by Yenne during the final battle.