In the drawing: "Dignity", Dignity is sitting in his office at Columns of Void, listening to his jukebox play the "Vincam Solam Miles" song. This song is usually seen in other drawings where Dignity and X are shown at the same time, for example in the Z-1 through 13 comic, you can see the song being played as X is being shoved out of Dignity and sent somewhere else.

In the first drawing of the trilogy, X is absorbing Dignity to take a spot in one of his 13 fragments. This turns Dignity into a part of X. In the second drawing; "Minish", X has now fully absorbed Dignity, and is on his way to destroy Zuka, Minish tries to stop him but X just sends her to another place in Roblox, most likely 13Xs place but it isn't certain. To complete the trilogy, in the drawing "Zuka", X then goes up to Zuka and tears him apart into four different pieces. There are four pieces to note, the piece above Dignity is Zuka's shell of a body, the orb above the shell is Zukaakuz which later on goes inside of Haytron's body, the black figure to the right of Dignity is Minion whom will go on to be Yenne later and the white figure to the left of Dignity is Guardian, whom will go on to be Mysterykid later on. We believe the reason why Mysterykid drew herself as she current was rather than just drawing in Guardian is because she may not have known what she looked like at the time when she drew this.