This is a picture of Zalgo being turned to stone via 100miles doing... something. We are not sure how exactly it occurred, but somehow 100miles turned Zalgo into a mass of stone. We don't know this for sure, but the purple and red on top of Zalgo is possibly Zuka's grandian ship (the purple) and Hayo after being corrupted by Zalgo and turning into Vortex's avatar and ultimately creating X in this universe. The green planet with the little white moon is roblox. While all of this was going on, Zalgo was consuming a planet of cabbages, and in the middle of his meal, was turned to stone along with the planet, this created anti-robloxia. You can see in cabbages in the lower right corner of the planet being turned to stone when it was hit by the red laser. The giant cabbage is BrassicaPrime. We presume that 100miles had lead a journey of exploration to Brassica Prime. When the ROBLOXians got to the planet, they accidentally summoned Zalgo. When the ROBLOX admins had heard of the commotion, they laid a blanket punishment upon ROBLOXians that made it so ROBLOXians can't see anything that isn't from ROBLOX itself. Call it a veil, if you will.