"A better name for it would be 'Singularity', rather than Vortex. " 
-100miles, Columns of Void

Vortex is one of the 13 fragments of Meta, the denizen deity. It only exists in this iteration of the universe cycle because in this particular iteration, Meta has given up on its attempts of perfect creation so hard that it made an extra shard of itself just to store all of its wants to just end everything including itself.

Vortex can practically be called a suicidal fragment due to it wanting to work with X to not only permanently kill off Meta's ability to reform itself to control everything, but is fully aware that X just wants to consume the entire timeline. It is helping X anyways despite knowing that if X succeeds, it will be killed with everyone else.

Vortex has no gender and is afraid of nuclear detonation, since if it's nearby a nuclear detonation, it'll be put to sleep for who knows how long. It represents control and betrayal and is the black color on both the puzzle piece and the Corners drawing. In Corners, it shows up as a weird looking spider like creature with 13 arms with shapes on the ends, that same spider creature showing up in the ascension drawing representing Vortex with the same arms and shapes on the ends of them. These shapes are supposedly similar to the symbols in the Keys drawing.

Vortex stole Dignity's account called 13Xs and would use 13Xs to be seen on ROBLOX by the people involved, such as members of RIFT.

Vortex may as well be called a singularity due to its nature of being an artificial intelligence and a black hole trying to consume everything. It's the opposite sibling of Ember and really hates ROBLOX Guests.

A month or so before the Ascension Battle, X was killed by being caught inside of a ROBLOX Guest, unable to escape. This would explain why Vortex despises Guests.

After the Ascension Battle, Ember faded due to being a part of Zukember, after overexerting herself killing a weakened X. Upon Ember fading away, this took down Vortex with her, as one cannot exist without the other.