Providence is one of the 13 fragments of Meta, the denizen deity. Providence is an embodiment and was once seen as the answer to balancing everything out. Zukember was supposed to awaken Providence during the Ascension battle in order to save Ember from destroying herself. This did not happen as Providence was sealed inside a force field by Yenne. It was found sleeping in Autumn Twilight, by ZukaakuZ, with the availability to click on its eye.

RIFT has theorized that Providence is more than one eye but is actually made of many eyes, however Mysterykid's poem states "under the knowledge of a single eye, would those 13 learn why" implying that it's only one eye. Providence shows up multiple times in Mysterykid's drawings as a green eye.

UnownDB use to be able to awaken Providence himself, however he didn't know he had this ability until in 2014, Minish took control of Mysterykid and stole the ability from him in a ritual. Minish would later die because of the chain reaction of Zukember's death and couldn't wake up Providence since it was in the force field.

Currently, it is still sitting inside the purple force field in Autumn Twilight. Yenne had created the force field to prevent it from saving Ember which ultimately lead to Yenne's victory

As of 2018/07/20, Providence is no longer located at Autumn Twilight, as he taken by Zukember after they were revived.