Notes On Cassandros - Zuka
This is one of the three notes that Zuka wrote upon returning to ROBLOX. In this one, he describes Cassandros, the deity fragment and being that is a combination of physical and digital existence. It's hard to not notice it say "THEY TOOK HER" in red lettering over a good two thirds of the notes, it is still readable though if you try hard enough to guess the wording.

To break it down for you, Zuka is taking notice that denizens are becoming interested in his 1X1X1X1 brick that he carries around with him, even trying to get their hands on the object. The same goes for his void star crown as well, Cassandros being among many that want both objects. It is believed that when it says "THEY TOOK HER" that it means X kidnapped Cassandros.