Minish is a character who's been in 13Xs since it began and continues to be. Her symbol in the drawing Keys, is The Ice Crown.

A notable event that she took part in is when she went into mysterykid's place, possessed mysterykid, asked unownDB to stand on a pedestal there and performed a ritual that allowed her to steal the ability to awaken Providence right out of unownDB's body.

She then summoned and moved Providence's actual form to Autumn Twilight, placing it on a floating island. She is currently deceased, as she faded with the other pieces of Zukember upon overexerting herself killing X.

RIFT has also found a conversation on Twitter regarding Minish. Maelstronomer explains to someone that Minish bought an account called "Diana" which was terminated because buying accounts are illegal on roblox. He also explains that she is currently the account called "doctorpandemonium" but is rarely ever on.

One last thing that he mentions is that Dignity was not 111

As of 2018/07/20, Zukember and their respective components have been revived by Yenne during the final battle.