This image details Kluex invoking the powers of Hoo Zero, Paradox, and Vortex using the 13 objects above as power sources to create a retcon and making an entirely new continuity for the story. The image is quite a hand full of references. For starters, you can see Mickey Mouse with a key on the bottom, this references Kingdom Hearts. The old style telephone in the center on top of the ice island under Kluex is Paradox's symbol with Vortex's coloring. We aren't very sure where this takes place. There are 13 objects being affected by Kluex, a trophy looking object, Kindle (the white orb in the cage with lines shooting out), Katiegirl1's script in a script storage orb, a cloth with a crown symbol on it, possibly a rock, some kind of flute or instrument, a staff, a remote, possibly a battery, and the element of magic itself. All of these objects are likely references to games and 13Xs related characters, we aren't sure what they are though. They are known as Divine Artifacts to us, however, if you know what the references are, feel free to comment below.