This drawing shows a Grandian soldier in the pinewood computer core, he is hooking up a force field to ROBLOX's core as an infinite energy source. The reason Grand had done this is because Pluseneur deemed ROBLOX as more trouble than it's worth, thus, locking up the entire planet and throwing away the key. This Grandian was chased down by marshsay and unownDB, it shot marshsay which made him clip through a wall. Unown tried beating him there, but the Grandian got to the core first, finished the job and left with Pluseneur on her ship. Since this force field was connected to ROBLOX's powerful core, it expanded, got extremely dense and deadly and even ground away ROBLOX's moon to dust as it expanded outwards. The red blotch in the center of the drawing is the pinewood core, the rest of it is what holds it in place. Visiting the pinewood computer core is probably easier to see what it looks like.