Ember is one of the 13 fragments of Meta, the denizen deity. She represents adventure and freedom. She shows up on the puzzle piece as yellow and in the corners drawing, she is represented by an Angel.

Her avatar is Kindle and is on the white side of the chess board. She ascended with Zuka to create Zukember.

She is Vortex's inverse sibling and the keys swear allegiance with her to stop Vortex from taking over. She is also the guiding force of good in the story.

Despite all of this, RIFT has only ever met her once in person and never will since she is now dead.

She died by spending all of her energy into a more than weak enough X to the point where zukember had undergone fission back into all the parts pre-ascending. Ember faded away due to lack of energy along with all the other parts used to create Zukember.

As of 2018/07/20, Zukember and their respective components have been revived by Yenne during the final battle.