END is a very strange and mysterious group of friends, as far as we can tell, who runs 13Xs. We barely know anything about them, we don't even know who all is in it because they have seemingly shut themselves off from the world. RIFT members have met some of these puppet masters though, but they never tell anything about themselves, we don't even know their genders and merely assumed the genders of a couple of them. They seem to have a particular likening to DB however. Here is a timeline of events that took place with our interactions with END.

All of the END members are as follows: Grip, Jester, Record, Void, Key, Father, Chaos, Hearten, Matte, Shuffle, Eavesdrop, Flare, and Far.

Meeting the Puppetmasters


Eavesdrop (a.k.a C413)


The Meltdown Hour

The Gohnk Incident

Father's promise

Grip and the Philosopher's Hand

The Collapse of 13Xs