DrHoo is a reference to Doctor Who and is from the planet Hoo Zero, which is the 13Xs equivalent of Gallifrey. DrHoo also has a TARDIS, which is really just a time machine disguised as a shower.

During the SWA vs KGF war, marshsay had petrified a battlefield on Anti Roblox accidentally, in which DrHoo was caught in the radius and became a statue. From there, another DrHoo from another timeline, quite possibly the same timeline as XC's existence, came and stored the statue in his time machine.

There is an instance where with eye witness, the time machine actually worked. DrHoo had taken unownDB back from 2011 to 2007 to meet Keinding and learn how to time script wield. Before he could learn, Slendermane attacked and the time machine pulled unownDB back to the present to prevent a paradox. This all occurred in Dignity's place, Autumn. A similar event occurred in 2013 where DrHoo built a time machine in "Welcome to Roblox Building" and took three RIFT members into 2017, those members being unownDB, Haytron and BombHead894.

He is currently deceased, as he sacrificed himself to prevent a rift bridging the digital and physical universes from opening.