Divisible was one of the 13 pieces of X. From the digital universe version of Europa. He was a general for FGK.

His most notable moments in 13Xs is when he exploited a spider mech script into ROBLOX and would terrorize unownDB with it. He also ambushed unownDB randomly with the spider mech in different places all in public, Catalog heaven, sandbox, ROBLOX building. In WTRB he would delete the baseplates and remove tools while trying to kill unownDB, in sandbox he would delete builds while unownDB ran around hiding. UnownDB would be able to kill him a few times with lasers and lava, in catalog heaven he managed to kill unownDB a few times. Unfortunately for Divisible, he would anger the catalog heaven server and everyone would rise up against him and kill him. He gave himself a forcefield after being killed a few times but ultimately gave up and left.

Divisible also corrupted Keinding, zach, and a few other people, but slendermane would fix them later.