i'd tell you more but I'd be ip traced. ~ DeminishedChaos

DeminishedChaos was introduced into 13Xs by TheBuilder10236 in July 2016.

He is one of the most untrustworthy players in 13Xs. He has stolen items from unownDB (Including his void star) and faked 13Xs characters.

He is friends with many 13Xs denizens, including eeked, katiegirl1 (who revealed her plans to him), Zukember, Yenne, 100Miles, mysterykid, and at one point 13Xs and Hayo.

He made Lord_Chaos lose his limbs at the final battle and he was one of the 7 that GreenestPinecone wished to be outlaws in the new universe along with Chrounum, TheChangerDB, TheBuilder10236, Lucy22m, Nathanjon16, and NobodyHelps.