100Miles has been involved in 13Xs for most of its duration. He is a reliable source of information and exposition.

100Miles also has a version of himself from the future known as Keinding, who has also played a role in 13Xs. When the SWA was still active, Keinding was a general of it.

During 2016, he wrote a brief book about mysterykid, which was featured in a place known as the ROBLOX Library. Although the book was quite vague and didn't offer any new information, it implored its reader to investigate mysterykid, attracting more people to mysterykid's Place, including TheBuilder10236.

He has stated that he is not a denizen, but seems unwilling to visit other sites. He also caused an event where Zalgo and Brassica Prime to turn to stone, which created Anti Roblox.

He is currently speculated to be deceased in real life, having killed himself due to witnessing DrHoo's dead body, but this is unverifiable at this time. However, his denizen has traveled back in time and become Keinding.

His symbol in the drawing Keys is a sticky note with "100 MPH" written on it.